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August 12th, 2014

11:40 pm - What Doctor Who can teach us about depression and the death of Robin Williams
Robin Williams died yesterday. He committed suicide at the age of 63 following a lifelong battle with depression. The world is stunned. Many don't understand how a man so beloved and with such a revered body of work could make such a choice.

It made me think of the Doctor Who episode "Vincent And The Doctor"
Spoilers...Collapse )
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July 1st, 2014

02:46 am - Orginally posted on Facebook - reposted here for posterity.
No one wants to read another Hobby Lobby post saying the same things others have said louder and better than I can. So much hair has been torn and so many breasts have been struck in righteous anger that I can add nothing to the general din. What I can do is be candid about myself.

It's something of an open secret, but I think the time is past due to just say it: I no longer identify as Christian anymore. And if you're someone who goes back with me for any length of time you know that's a big deal for me, and that I held out far longer than just about anyone else I know of who has had a similar struggle. It has been hard to put into words why it happened until now; until today, in fact.

I left Christianity because Christ is not in it. He is where He always was: out in the world doing good, and calling down wrath on those who profane His temples with lies and greed. I left it because I see more of Christ in the pagans and atheists who have fed me and cared for me, asking nothing in return over the years, than I do in the Green Family with their ranks low-wage workers and their enslaved Chinese factories. I left because I see more of Christ in Odin's sacrifice upon the Tree and Thor's intent to lay down his life to end the poisoning of the sky than I do in those who tell me to cast down idols of metal and stone. I left because again and again among those of all faiths and of none, I see evidence of a God who fights Hell at endless cost to Himself rather than a God who wields it as the ultimate oppression.

I left Christianity because it does not own Christ. He goes where He wants and does what He will, and He'll do it whether you choose to hear Him or see Him or not. But I think He'd be delighted if you'd try. I would like to thank Hobby Lobby, the Green Family, and the United States Supreme Court for reminding me that i made the right decision.
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June 4th, 2014

03:09 am - That there "Vikings" show
So I'm watching that awesome TV series "Vikings" and there's a battle relatively early in the first season where the titular villain-protagonists are assaulted by a larger Saxon force. The Vikings make the sensible decision to form a shield wall. This is the dialogue I MST3K'd for the leader of the Saxon force:

"Archers! Do that one thing that is useless against a shield wall!"

*Archers shoot arrows at the shields, to no effect.*

"Infantry! Do that other thing that is useless against a shield wall!"

*Archers run right at the shield wall and begin dying.*

"Men who could outflank the shield wall with our superior numbers! Just keep trying to move forward in a straight line! Wait, maybe have one guy run around the shield wall!"

*One guy runs around it; dies.*

"Okay, maybe have another guy try to run around it!"

*Another guy runs around it; dies.*

"Um... New plan! Everyone just sort of die and I will ride home and tell our king the enemy is too strong!"

*Rides away; does just that.*

It's amazing we're not all speaking Futhark right now.

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May 31st, 2014

11:01 pm - Awash in menstrual metaphors.
As a dear friend was talking about her period woes today, something occurred to me. We have all sorts of euphemisms for performing bodily functions and excusing ourselves to do the same. Everyone knows what is meant if a gentleman states he has to "drop some kids off at the pool" or "go drain the pickle." I realized, however, that women do not seem to enjoy the same plethora of descriptive terms for heading to the bathroom to deal with nature's monthly blessing of womanhood. So my friend and I started to come up with some appropriate terms with which to excuse yourself when heading to the ladies' room to change out your feminine product of choice.

-I'll be right back. Got to go and flush a shipment to Dracula's lair.

-Please excuse me, I've got to go fill the tub for Countess Bathory.

-Be right back! I'm sending this month's baby out in shipments!

-Back in a few! Gotta go strip the paint off the walls of the nursery!

-Time to go and uncork a bottle of pussy shiraz!

-Well, looks like I gotta go and take some blood-and-cotton casserole to the porcelain potluck!

- I've got to go queef some leech food.

And so on. You're welcome.
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May 15th, 2014

11:40 pm - Message from the wastelands.
Just dropping in to say that it is a phenomenally good time to be a fan of heavy metal in Kansas City. This past Tuesday I was privileged to see SLAYER! live with the support of Exodus and Suicidal Tendencies. Tomorrow night I will be saying pagan folk metal giants Korpiklaani and Turisas live, along with the support of several other bands. Furthermore, Sunday the 24th will see a performance by Battlecross at Aftershock, which is a metal club that's somewhere in my own neighborhood. megiloth, think you'll make it out to that one?

And that's just a little bit of what's coming up. Yep, definitely a good time to be metal :)
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January 4th, 2014

05:41 pm - "Mother, do you know where your kids are tonight?"
Coming to Livejournal reminds me of a line from the Soul Asylum song "Black Gold": I'd sure like to feel some pride but this place just makes me feel sad inside. :(
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November 16th, 2013

11:12 pm - D&D Character alignments and the ultimate test of morality: dog poop


When your dog poops while on a walk, you pick it up. It's the right thing to do and a responsibility of being a dog owner.

NEUTRAL GOOD: You pick up your dog's poop because you'd hate for someone to be upset if they came out and found it on their lawn. However, if your dog defecates in a secluded or out-of-the-way location and there's no one around, you might leave it there since it's not hurting anyone.

CHAOTIC GOOD: Not only is picking up after your dog the right thing to do, it's just common courtesy. However, if there were someone bad in your neighborhood, someone you know has done bad things to other people, you might just look the other way if your dog stops and does its business on that person's lawn.

LAWFUL NEUTRAL: Your attitude toward dog waste reflects that of those around you. If your neighbors are fastidious in cleaning up after their dog, you will adapt to this expectation. But in a less tidy neighborhood you might find yourself not caring as much.

TRUE NEUTRAL: Of course you don't want others to have to clean up after your dog, but you'd rather not do it yourself either if you don't have to. If it's daytime and you think someone might have seen your dog poop, you'll clean it up. But if it's dark out and no one's around, you just keep walking.

CHAOTIC NEUTRAL: You pick up after your dog when you feel like it. If someone sees you leave the poop and calls you out on it, you might apologize and clean up, or you might take off running. Even you don't know until it happens.

LAWFUL EVIL: You're supposed to pick up after your dog, everyone knows that. If you see someone leave their dog's waste, you report them to the authorities because you know they'd do the same to you.

NEUTRAL EVIL: You clean up the poop while walking your dog in order to cultivate the image of a good neighbor and thereby gain your neighbors' trust. The second someone crosses you, however, whether in reality or only in your mind, they're going to find so many deuces in their front yard it will make their head spin.

CHAOTIC EVIL: The dog doesn't care where it poops, so why should you? Somebody doesn't like what the dog did in their yard, that's their problem.


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October 30th, 2013

04:38 am - In my hour of need.
I've been wanting to update for weeks now. So much has happened. Finally, it's just reached the point where I need to tell folks what's going on.

Back in September I was involved in a serious car accident. Due to bad weather I got into a serious wreck on the highway. Thankfully no one was hurt, but it has left me with serious legal fees that are due in a matter of days. I simply cannot pay these and my other bills unless I get help. So I have created a GoFundMe page to ask for donations and help cover costs. Those who donate can select a reward level and receive an original piece of poetry, fiction, or artwork from me in exchange for the assistance.

Despite the fact that I'm offering something for peoples' money, it still feels like I am begging. But I don't know what else to do. I simply need the help too much. If you are interested, or can pass it along to someone who is, here is the link to my page below:

Thanks for any help you can give.
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August 21st, 2013

11:41 pm - 8/18 Heart & Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience
As unsatisfying as the concert at the Riot Room the night before was, it left me utterly unprepared for the sheer grandeur of the show I experienced the next night at Starlight Ampitheatre.

Starlight is a big outdoor theatre located next to the Kansas City Zoo. I've never really paid attention to it before, but it's got a huge stage that looks like a castle, comfortable seats, and lots of nice walking/standing room. I'm definitely going to be paying more attention to what's playing there after this.

Moving on to the show itself, in case you don't know, Jason Bonham is the son of late Zed Zeppeling drummer John Bonham and he plays drums for them whenever they reunite to perform live. So basically this was the closest I'm ever going to get to seeing Led Zeppelin live and I don't think Page, Plant, and Jones could do it any better. The band Bonham has put together is SPOT ON, to the point that if you close your eyes you can't tell it's not the original lineup. They played a slew of crowd-pleasing favorites like "Heartbreaker," "Ramble On," "Over the Hills and Far Away," and "What Is And What Should Never Be." But iconic songs like "Immigrant Song" and "Stairway to Heaven" were conspicuously absent...

Having become familiar with Heart through their soft rock hits of the 80's, they were a band I never imagined I would be paying to see live. But my God, Ann and Nancy Wilson can ROCK. Ann's huge, sexy voice has lost nothing with age and when she puts force behind it she makes "What About Love?" sound every bit as vicious as "Barracuda." They played songs from all of Heart's different eras and shifted flawlessly into each one. Nancy's solo acoustic cover of an Elton John song was pretty rad too.

If they'd stopped right there I would have been satisfied with having seen a stellar rock show but for the encore they took it up to a whole new level. Jason Bonham joined them on drums for a Led Zeppelin encore. "Immigrant Song" never sounded so good. Seriously, I think Robert Plant's job might be in danger. Remember that big sexy voice of Ann's I was talking about? When she moans the line "We are your overlords..." you will start looking over your shoulder for the Viking sword that will be the last thing you ever see.

After an ass-kicking and suitably epic rendition of "Kashmir" we all knew what was coming next. Remember Heart's performance of Stairway to Heaven that brought the surviving Led Zeppelin members to tears? They did it exactly like that again, right down to the black gospel choir. The video does NOT do it justice. I truly did not want that song to end.

Both bands together played about three hours. The crowd was predominantly older, with M. and I making up the bottom end of the younger portion. We did see a few people in their teens and early 20's, but not many. Overall women slightly outnumbered men. We saw several packs of cougars rocking their slutty teenager-appropriate rock concert outfits as hard as they could.

And you know what? That's okay. It was a great time with a great crowd of people who truly loved the music. You could tell these were people who grew up with these bands and were super eager to give them their due. Compared to the hooligans from the Riot Room I think I'll take a relaxed older crowd focused on a good time any day.

I don't think I have another concert to attend until October. Really hate these long dry spells, but they make the payoff that much more worthwhile.

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August 18th, 2013

03:06 am - Havok/Troglodyte, or Why I Hate the Riot Room
I looked forward all week to seeing Havok and Troglodyte at the Riot Room but the evening was disappointing. I have ranted about The Riot Room before, but the place really is that bad. I keep going there, telling myself it's worth it to see and support metal bands that I like but... fuck, I'm starting to wonder if it is anymore. For one thing, they always open the house way too early. Doors opened at 8:00 and it was 2 hours before the first band hit the stage. Two hours! I suppose it is better than the last show I attended there where bands started playing half an hour BEFORE the doors were scheduled to open, but still.

Well whatever. I spent the two hours sitting along the wall, drinking my cider and reading Arthur Conan Doyle on my Kindle app. It was nice and relaxing. The cider was WAY overpriced, but it was good. Took forever to get it too, thanks to the Riot Room's typically clueless bartenders. I have never seen the same person bartending twice in there and there is probably a reason for that.

The first band was called Cast Pattern and they were generic screamo. Competent, but forgettable. The bass player looked like Game of Thrones' Theon Greyjoy and the singer looked like Dagmar Cleftjaw. It did nothing to make me like them.

The second band, Dogs of Delphi were actually a really good. I consider the $5 I spent on their CD well spent.

Troglodyte were incredible as always, but they've replaced their guitarist/backing vocalist and you can tell the difference. They seemed a little off, like there was a hole in their sound where the old guitarist used to be. This was also the point at which the pit started and it was full of violent assholes who don't know how to mosh without trying to hurt people. I really got pissed off by this and it kind of ruined my night. I don't mind standing on the edge of the pit. I do mind people in the pit deliberately fucking with me when I'm trying to stay out of their way. I've seen this behavior at the Riot Room before and I don't see it anywhere else. It's probably the biggest factor in me not wanting to go back.

Havok were great: perfect thrash metal that just blisters and electrifies. But by then my mood was shot. I love the band and their music, but I just didn't feel up to staying for the full set. This is the second time I've left a Riot Room show early, despite having a good time. Again, this doesn't happen anywhere else.

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